Tea Leaf

It has passed a few decades since the Japanese started to import the tea leaf of Lee Fung: long-established tea wholesaler in Hong Kong. This superior quality and expensive tea leaf was mainly consumed at Chinatown in Japan like Kobe and Yokohama. The quality is definitely different from the popular one which is manufactured as cans or PET bottles product. We have been importing this tea leaf through our Hong Kong branch for the purpose of self-use and gift since 1980s. But we here started to retail it, and the price and package were revised to make it acceptable for everyone.

Recently the dangerousness of China foods attracts the attention. We see this situation is the result of some Japanese food companies involve in the cheap foods without any distinction to pursue the profit first. Our product of both Jasmine tea and Tieguanyin oolong tea is produced as the blend of tea leaf organic-cultivated in the farm in Fujian, China. These tea leafs were dealt by Hong Kong tea dealers for many years.

All of our tea leaf passed the inspection of the Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Also it cleared the quarantine every time we import it to Japan. Then the quality and safety are warranted. We hope you to try and enjoy it.

jasmin tea leaf jasmin tea cup
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